Brief History

The No Border School started in April 2016, as a collective of 4 activists who wanted to empower refugees and migrants that were living in the port of Piraeus in Athens. The goal was ┬áto self empower the refugees to stand up and speak up for their interests and therefore the teaching of languages seemed the most efficient way to do so. After few months, due to personal reasons the 4 original activists left Athens but the school continued to be active thanks to new volunteers. At this point we were able not only to teach 3 classes (starters, beginners and pre-intermediate) but also to run a daily book-club and organise activities on Saturdays (trip to the beach, hikes, museum, birthday celebrations,…). At this point teachers and students had become a strong group, continuing the cultural exchange over dinner and engaging in all the activities that the Camp at the port offered. Unfortunately at the end of July the port was evicted and No Border School moved to central Athens. In August and September we taught in different squats houses that are hosting refugees in central Athens. Since the beginning of October we started teaching at Khora community centre and Oniro squat. We are always open to new collaborations.

Aim and Purpose

The aim is to allow language and cultural exchange between people living in Athens due to the closing of borders and the people who have come to support and help. We believe that language education enables self-empowerment and hope that our school will help people stand up for their rights and more fully participate in society.