The No Border School is an educational collective of people who believe that we are all students and teachers who can learn from one another. We therefore do not distinguish between teachers, students, activists, volunteers, refugees and so on. Learning and cultural exchange is active both ways in our classes: individual believes and cultures must be respected.

As a group we organize in a non hierarchical way meaning the decisions we make are the consensus of the collective.

We do not discriminate people, on the contrary we believe that collaboration with different individuals will only enrich our school and we do encourage everybody to be involved in other projects too, so that they can acquire different skills and develop relationships and experience from other contexts.

General Rules


  • The No Border School is organized as a collective that takes decisions in a consens. We take on individual roles and duties in order for the school to run more efficiently, but decisions are taken together.
  • Although this is a voluntary role, professional standards and conduct is still expected of our volunteers. This includes punctuality, lesson planning and dressing appropriately.
  • All volunteers are accountable to each other and responsible for each other. Please share your knowledge and skills with each other and ensure you respectfully challenge each other on anything that is not in line with the principles of NBS.
  • Please communicate things you find wrong or mentionable, communication is vital.